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Cookie Pie


Our delicious cookies are now available as a cookie pie!

All gluten free, each pie contains 1kg of cookie dough baked with a gooey filling, topped with white chocolate cheesecake mousse, caramel sauce and chocolate chunks.  Seriously addictive!

Eat it as it is or slice it up, the size is 23cm across and 12-16 servings.


Contains dairy, eggs and nuts.

Select one per order from the following choice of flavours:

-Caramilk Triple Chocolate with caramel and cream cheese filling

-Carrot, white chcoolate chunk, sultana and walnut with caramel and cream cheese filling

-Nutella Double Chocolate with nutella, chocolate ganache and caramel filling

-White Chocolate and Macadamia with caramel and cream cheese filling

-Double Chocolate Lamington with raspberry compote, coconut cream cheese and chocolate ganache filling

Write in notes at checkout the choice of flavour.